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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Barack Obama Can Afford it CAN YOU?

Electric rates will skyrocket in Barack Obama's own words plus he will put thousands of coal workers out of jobs!!! Do you think working Americans can afford this? Do you think Senior Citizens can afford this? Barack Obama the millionair can. The question is CAN YOU?

1. Call every radio station and every radio talk show in your state and ask them to inform the public about these comments

2. Call every television news department in your state and ask them to inform the public about these comments



4. Go gorilla, go to shopping malls, go to any Joe Biden or Barack Obama event and set up a portable table with a portable dvd player or laptop computer and play this dvd or one similar, go to the legal campaigning limit from polling stations and set up a folding portable table with your laptop or a portable dvd player and play the below video or one similar OVER AND OVER, have a sign that is NOT PRO MCCAIN but rather something like {Vital Information You Need Before You Vote or Do You Know What A Candidate Said About YOUR Electric Bill? or Do You Know What A Candidate Plans To Do About Student Loans?} STAY NEUTRAL!!!

5. If you go gorilla consider college campuses and make photo copies of this http://www.usbudgetwatch.org/files/crfb/USBW%20Voter%20Guide%20Oct%2031.pdf this is from usbudgetwatch.org page 5 about Eliminating Federal Student Loans. This is meant to inform college students about something they are not aware of. This will erode Barack Obama's uninformed voter base.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saga of Michigan Printers Mirrors the MSM's Loss of Intergrity

We have sent over a thousand flyers and hundreds of dvd's around the country for people to pass out and hopefully to help people talk to independents and other democrats about Barack Obama, using documented TRUTH. We had far more request for signage than we could possibly fulfill, but our last shipment of signage will take place on Wednesday via Federal Express overnight. YEAHHHHHH

This brings me to the saga of Michigan Printers. Apparently Barack Obama supporters staff virtually every print shop in our area of Michigan. The first printer reviewed our signage information and gave us a pretty good price. We agreed to the price and placed the order. Our order was to be ready 2-3 days later. When we went to pick up the order the printer handed us back our original file and said he decided he would not print them because he supported Barack Obama and we should be ashamed of our stand on the candidates.

Well heck, we thought no biggie we will find another printer, although the loss of the 3 days was rather infuriating. The following 2 days were spent calling printers and emailing files only to get either outrageous prices or no return phone call or told they were too busy to print this "stuff". In order to attempt to recover some part of our schedule we stayed up for approx 48 hours and copied flyers on our own printers. Double sided color flyers they were flying out of the printer at such a steady rate I now miss the noise. We went through 8 ink cartridges in those 48 hours and 4 ream's of paper.

Finally in desperation we gave up and reduced our signage order, due to pricing and went to FedEx/Kinkos. Well let me tell you that was not alot better. After one of the employees, we will call her "Beth" saw the 'Bucking the Party' sign she attempted to overcharge us by approx 40% and she was incredibly rude about it to boot. "Beth" had found my very last straw. You know that straw its the one that breaks the camels back.

I called FedEx corporate office and gave a supervisor "Rickie" an ear full. I have to admit in retrospect I feel sorry for "Rickie" he seemed to be shaking when he finally was given the opportunity to asked me "what can I do to fix this". That elicited another ear full consisting of "You Rickie can call that damn store and tell them to do their job. That is what you supervisor Rickie can do. If you do not succeed in this endeavored I promise you I will post on every single website I can find exactly how FedEx/Kinkos has allowed this employees personal political leanings to disrupt business and how that employees personal political preferences apparently give them the right to treat customers like garbage. Its your choice supervisor Rickie"

Picking up the order the next day did not go entirely smoothly, but we were only overcharged approx 25% and only delayed by approx 4 hours on this last attempt at using a Michigan printer. Volunteers, thank god for them, sat up all night preparing the signage the very best we could to be used this weekend, the final weekend before the election. We settled for much less in terms of quantity and preparation. Our on site volunteers had to affix the signage to the signage material themselves but it got done and the boxes go out tomorrow, Wednesday.

It dawned on me at 3am this morning that our printer experience mirrors that of the media's loss of integrity. Suddenly the cloistered biased fools staffing main stream media are realizing if they do not soft ball everything to "The One" they are going to find themselves at the back of the line. Well, maybe that is where they need to be. Whatever happened to investigative journalism? Tom Brokaw should be drummed out of journalism for asking Colin Powell NOT ONE SINGLE FOLLOW UP QUESTION when Colin Powell stated "Jan. 21 or Jan. 22 we (America) would experience a crisis". Every single Obama cheerleader at CNN and MSNBC and all the others should be booted right out of journalism for NOT DOING THEIR JOBS.

Just to let these over inflated egos know what their job is....It is to investigate and inform not to sway opinion by fact omissions. They have by choice lost our trust in their quest to seek the favor of "The One". They have sullied the field of journalism to the point that it will take years for any reputation to be rebuilt. They have aided and assisted in the decimation of race relations in this country by falsely propping up this empty suited candidate. In short they allowed their personal feeling to cloud their journalistic integrity there by loosing all of their integrity, as the nation was forced to watch.

I have learned a few things, needless to say.
I will never use a Michigan printer again EVER EVER EVER.
When I want the truth, I will not turn on cable news, it is nothing but a television show. I will look to the Internet and youtube, there is more investigative journalism there than anywhere else including FOX NEWS. Right now FOX NEWS is pounding over and over about an April article by the LA Times in reference to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama attending the going away "party" of Rashid Khalidi, guess what THAT IS NOT NEWS. Unheardamericanvoices and many others had reported on that MONTHS AGO, during the primary. Now, every half hour on some cable news show someone is talking about voter fraud. Once again NOT NEWS, we (the Internet community) have been stomping our feet, banging our keyboards, making videos, doing investigations about voter fraud in the primaries which went completely and totally ignored by the main stream media. All in some colluded effort to prop up "The One". Try to find something new then and only then we might be impressed, but do not hold your breath for our future patronage because there is alot of anger out here in the Internet world and quite a bit of it is directed at you, the main stream media.

Politically I have learned so much, but that will have to wait for another day. Except this one little tid bit which is directed at one single person, you will know who you are...I would have bet you everything and the moon as far back as the primaries John Kerry will NOT be nominated for Sec. of State should Barack Obama win this election. Only someone who is as politically savvy as a walnut could possibly think that. Sec. of State is Richardson's gig and everyone with a modicum of political knowledge knows it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

The quasi military draft in Barack Obama's Budget? by Karen Hill

A fresh look at the faux college education credit and the elimination of federal college education loans.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Radio Show Responds to DNCReform video

Here is their response!!!!

L/Cpl USMC 91-95
1st LAR,
Producer Chandler's Watch
1700AM San Diego